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Yoti and Jägermeister

You have to prove you’re 18+ before you can buy alcohol online using your debit card. It’s the law. So, Yoti and Jägermeister have teamed up to help you do just that. Download the free Yoti app and add an ID document to prove your age and checkout of the Jägermeister shop with debit card.

Get 6 free shot glasses

To celebrate this new partnership, we’re giving away 6 shot glasses worth £11.95 if you spend £10 and checkout proving your age with Yoti. Simply choose debit card payment, prove your age with YOTI and the 6 shot glasses will automatically be added to your basket when you pay.

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Your data is safe

With the Yoti app, you and only you can see your data.

Yoti doesn't create a profile of you for marketing purposes and will never track how you use the app. They couldn't even if they wanted to.

Your data is kept secure using AES 256-bit encryption. The private key to your data is then stored safely in your phone where only you can access it.

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